Real estate in Waco Texas is a very hot topic lately. A big reason is due to the amazing things Chip & Joanna Gaines have done for our city, in regards to the remodels, transformation, growth and the Magnolia Market Silos.

A wide variety of people are coming to Magnolia Realty to purchase real estate in Waco Texas. At Magnolia Realty we are assisting first time home buyers, home sellers, buyers upgrading, downsizing, retiring and investors purchasing rental homes, vacation homes & Airbnb properties here in Waco Texas.

Waco Texas truly is a special place for people to call home. 

“Even when I leave for work, my heart stays with my family. That’s what makes a place like home so special.” ~ Chip Gaines 

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Magnolia is a company calling people home. We want to go the extra mile to make certain you find the perfect house, that you can call home.  As our founder Chip Gaines says, “At Magnolia, we treat our clients like family.”


As your trusted Realtor at Magnolia Realty, our team is ready to reveal the secrets of how we can help you sell your home. We have a proven plan to match your home with the perfect buyers. It’s what we LOVE to do, and it’s what we do BEST.


The Silos at Magnolia Market has an average of 30,000 out of state visitors every single week. That number doubles and has even tripled during holidays and special events, such as Silobration at the Magnolia Market, and the Silos District Marathon.

In addition to that, with the Baylor University expansion plan, the demand for rental properties is higher than ever here in Waco Texas. 

“It’s quite literally the dirt in Waco that makes homes affordable. Land costs are historically lower in Texas, and central Texas is no exception.” ~ Chip Gaines

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Magnolia Manifesto

We believe in subtle beauty, the kind that doesn’t deteriorate with age or wear. We believe that newer isn’t always better and that there is something inherently good in hard work. We believe that friends who feel like family are the best kind of friends and that nothing matters more than family. We believe that today is a gift and that every day miracles are scattered about if only we have eyes to see them. We believe in seeking the balance between hustle and rest and striving to be passionate about both: a leisurely first cup of coffee to start the day mindfully and then at day’s end not clocking out from a job till you’re proud.

We believe that failure needn’t be a negative thing; rather, we learn from our mistakes and fail smarter next time. We believe in doing work that we love and, in choosing that, nudging others toward doing what they love. We believe in courage, in cartwheeling past our comfort zones and trying something a little bit scary every day. We believe that it’s time for the pendulum of trend to swing back to the basics. We believe in subtle beauty, the kind that doesn’t deteriorate with age or wear. And of all heroic pursuits large or small, we believe there may be none greater than a life well loved.

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Magnolia is a company calling people home.  Joanna Gaines tells us, “Home is my happy place!” 

At Magnolia Realty we believe that home is a place for you and your family to unplug, connect, dream and share life together. This makes our role as a Realtor at Magnolia Realty in Waco Texas so very meaningful. Our family, helping your family.

As a preferred Magnolia Realty agent in Waco Texas, our #1 goal is to go the extra mile to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. We have a passion to help our clients find their dream home here in Waco Texas! The new home you will live in, “happily ever after”.  It’s what we LOVE to do, and it’s what we do BEST! 

Conversation about Waco is not only happening nationally, as many folks visit, vacation and even relocate to Waco Texas; yet Waco is also amongst frequently discussion by many locals in a very positive light.  Waco Texas has seen very healthy appreciation in the real estate market as well as tremendous increase within the local economy.

Waco Texas a great place to live as Waco offers warm weather, southern hospitality and incredible real estate opportunities for all people no matter what walk of life. Magnolia Realty works with local & long time residents of Waco, as well as out of state investors who purchase both rental homes or vacation properties. Waco Texas even has retirees who purchase a 2nd home here and spend their downtime at local shops such as, Spice Village, Common Grounds and the Magnolia Market Silos.

Baylor University, Texas State Technical College, Baylor Scott & White Health, Providence Healthcare, City of Waco, Neighborly Service-based Franchise Company, and Magnolia Market Silos are a few local corporations who have a favorable impact in Waco Texas. These companies have significant influence and bring tremendous wellness and growth to the Waco real estate market, making now an excellent time for home buyers, home sellers and real estate investors to stake their claim in real estate here in Waco Texas. 

Whether you are a first time home buyer, a “real estate veteran”, selling your Waco home, or even investing in real estate here in Waco Texas, let us help you as your trusted and preferred Magnolia Realty agent in Waco. We are so very honored to be apart of this fun adventure with you, and stand by your side and serve you throughout this exciting “home” journey you are on!

Come join us here in Waco Texas! See the Magnolia Market Silos, have lunch at Magnolia Table, & visit with us over coffee.  I guarantee you will not regret it!  And once again, as our founder Chip Gaines says, “At Magnolia, we treat our clients like family.” 

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